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Who is North Korea’s enemy number 1, Kim Jong told before the US presidential elections

Image Source: AP
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has become more aggressive before the presidential elections in America. Kim Jong has not only revealed who his enemy number one is, but has also threatened to destroy him. This announcement by Kim Jong has created a stir. Will North Korea attack its enemy before the presidential elections in America? Who is Kim Jong’s enemy number 1? Why did Kim Jong reveal the name of his enemy at such a time? Is Kim Jong Un even from America? Who has no fear?…From Kim Jong’s actions it seems at the moment that he is not afraid of any country.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has described South Korea as his main enemy. He also said that if he provoked North Korea, he would destroy it. Kim has intensified his provocative and aggressive rhetoric ahead of the elections to be held in South Korea and America this year. According to experts, Kim may accelerate weapons testing in view of South Korea’s parliamentary elections in April and the US presidential election in November. North Korea’s news agency Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said on Wednesday that Kim made this statement on inspection tours of armament factories in North Korea this week.

North Korea is increasing weapons in the name of self-defense

North Korea is continuously increasing its weapons stockpile in the name of self-defense. Kim said North Korea’s priority in its relations with South Korea is first and foremost self-defense and enhancing military capabilities to prevent nuclear war. According to KCNA, Kim said, “If South Korea dares to use its military force against North Korea and threaten its sovereignty, then we must mobilize all our means and powers and destroy it (South Korea).” There would be no hesitation.”(AP)

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