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Why has rebellion erupted in Russia’s neighbor and friend Belarus, houses of miscreants raided – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
Alexander Lukashenko.

These days, Belarus, which plays the role of Russia’s neighbor and best friend, is burning in the fire of rebellion. Due to this, an atmosphere of unrest is being created in the country. This situation of unrest in the house of Russia’s best friend is not at all a good sign for Russian President Putin. Belarus has openly stood in Putin’s favor against the war with Ukraine. In such a situation, unrest in Belarus can also increase problems for Russia. Therefore, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has intensified the action against the rebels. The year-long crackdown against rebels in Belarus has been intensified and many houses have been raided and people have also been arrested.

‘The Viasna’, an organization working for human rights in the country, gave this information. The organization said that raids were conducted on houses in many cities including the country’s capital Minsk and during this period 159 people were detained or interrogated. These include relatives of jailed rebels, journalists and others. Belarus’s opposition leaders have called the arrests a “blow to unity within the country.” According to Viasna, there are 1,419 political prisoners in Belarus.

President Alexander is accused of election rigging

The fire of rebellion has been burning in Belarus since 2020. When President Alexander Lukashenko won the elections for the sixth consecutive time, he was accused of rigging. Since then his rebellion intensified. Many of those detained Thursday and early in the week were helping families of those in jail. In fact, the country’s President Alexander Lukashenko started action against the rebels from August 2020. After he won the elections for the sixth time, the opposition had alleged that the elections were rigged. (AP)

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