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Will “AI” be able to peek inside the human mind? Experts told these things – India TV Hindi

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While Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has taken a new incarnation in the world in the 21st century, has made many tasks easier for humans, it has also brought many big problems for them. The use and misuse of AI has created a stir around the world. The current biggest drawback of AI is being seen in the form of deep fake videos and images. In this, cyber criminals recreate the photos and videos of any person as per their wish in such a way that it becomes very difficult to identify between real and fake. Similarly, a big danger regarding the misuse of AI is that it can peek inside the human mind. If so, then this is the biggest crisis for humans. The question is whether AI can replace human care. Experts have put forward many such questions and apprehensions before the world.

Sam Altman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, said on Thursday that artificial intelligence (AI) is a very advanced technology. But it will not be able to replace that kind of human care for each other. He said as if the computer could not finish the game of chess. Similarly, even though AI is so advanced, it cannot care like humans. Altman, speaking at a session on ‘Technology in a Turbulent World’ at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum here, said that despite AI’s currently very limited capabilities and significant shortcomings, people are still willing to use it to increase productivity and provide other benefits. Looking for ways.

Will AI be able to see inside the brain?

“People are much more understanding of the limitations of devices,” Sam Altman said. He understands to a great extent what it should be used for and what it should not be used for.” The top official of OpenAI said that AI will be able to explain its logic to us. He said, “I can’t see into your brain to know your thinking, but I can ask you to explain my reasoning. Similarly, our AI systems will also be able to do this work.” He can convince humans with his logic. This means that with this he can control the human mind to a great extent. Along with this, he also welcomed the investigation of AI technology. “I have a lot of sympathy for companies like ours about the general nervousness and uneasiness in the world,” he said. We too have our own restlessness. Let society and technology evolve together. (Language)

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