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Will tension on Taiwan reduce? Joe Biden and Xi Jinping will meet on Wednesday

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US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping

China-America News: There is going to be a meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden in San Francisco. The world is keeping an eye on this meeting to be held on Wednesday amid tensions over many issues including Taiwan. Before this bilateral meeting, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said, if some issues are not managed then both the countries can easily move towards conflict.

Sullivan said, if some issues are not managed well, US-China relations could easily move towards conflict. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan made this statement before the meeting between US President Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. Let us tell you that Biden and Xi will hold a bilateral meeting in San Francisco on the sidelines of the APEC meeting on Wednesday.

‘Diplomatic solution can be found on Taiwan’

The United States has an opportunity to effectively manage peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, Sullivan said in his statement. “We have been able to manage these through intensive diplomacy on some issues,” he said. Sullivan said he hopes to see some progress on that issue in the coming days, which could open the door to mutual cooperation.

Russia Ukraine war can also be discussed

The US National Security Advisor said that most importantly, this is a complex and competitive relationship, which if not well managed can easily turn into conflict or confrontation. Addressing reporters, Sullivan said, “So managing the relationship effectively is the most important responsibility of all the people who work for the president.” He also said, America and China need to be able to talk directly to each other on all important issues that arise, including issues like the Russia-Ukraine war. He expects the top US-China leadership to discuss the most fundamental elements of bilateral relations.

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