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Will the Israeli army rule Gaza after the end of Hamas, PM Benjamin Netanyahu clarified the picture?

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Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given a big statement during the Israel-Hamas war. The Israeli Army is currently conducting ground operations in Gaza. Israeli forces have surrounded Hamas from all sides in northern Gaza. In such a situation, after the complete elimination of Hamas from Gaza, will the Israeli army rule there or do something else? Prime Minister Netanyahu has made clear Israel’s plan regarding Gaza. Netanyahu said that “we do not want to rule Gaza.” But “I think the Israeli army is performing exceptionally well in Gaza.

The prime minister on Thursday ruled out a ceasefire in Gaza, saying the army was performing “exceptionally well” but Israel was not planning to recapture the Palestinian territory. “A ceasefire with Hamas means surrender,” he told Fox News. There is no “timetable” for a military attack. No matter how long it takes, we will do it. Let us tell you that after the infiltration of Hamas from across the border from Gaza on October 7, Israel has vowed to destroy the terrorists. The Hamas attack killed 1,400 Israelis, mostly civilians, and took about 240 hostages.

What has happened so far in Gaza

Israeli retaliatory aerial bombardments and ground attacks have killed more than 10,800 people in Gaza, according to the Hamas-run health ministry. Most of them are civilians and many of them children. Netanyahu said Israel has no plans to remain in Gaza for a long time. He said, “We do not want to rule Gaza. We do not want to occupy it, but we want to give it a better future.” He said Israel “does not want to displace anyone.” Underscoring his plan for Gaza’s future, he said the impoverished and blockaded territory must be “demilitarized, deradicalized and rebuilt. To do this, he said, “We have to find a government, a civilian government that will live there.” Will happen.

Israel will have to be ready to enter Gaza again

Netanyahu said that after the elimination of Hamas, we will insist on the establishment of a civilian government there. But even after this, the Israeli army will have to be ready at any time to re-enter Gaza and “kill the killers”. “This is what will prevent an entity like Hamas from re-emerging. It is noteworthy that when Hamas carried out the October 7 attack, Israel was close to a peace deal with Saudi Arabia, which normalized relations with many Arab countries Netanyahu stressed that the conflict would not derail diplomatic momentum and that conditions would be “ripe” for resuming negotiations after Israel destroys Hamas.

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