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Xi Jinping’s white lie, ‘China has not captured even an inch of anyone’s land till date’

Image Source : ANI
Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has reached America on his historic visit. There is a meeting between Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden on which the whole world is watching. This meeting is being described as a big step to reduce tension between the two countries. However, in America, Chinese President Jinping has said something which can make him a joke in the whole world.

never occupied foreign land

Chinese President Xi Jinping attended a dinner on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit after meeting with Joe Biden on Thursday. Here Xi Jinping claimed that his country has not instigated any conflict or war till date. Nor has China ever occupied even an inch of any foreign land. He said that in the 70 years or more since the founding of the People’s Republic, China has not instigated any conflict or war.

Biden took aim

During a meeting with Xi Jinping, US President Joe Biden expressed concern over human rights violations in many areas of China, including Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong. President Biden also spoke about human rights and the responsibility of all countries to respect international human rights commitments. After this meeting, people are speculating that tension will reduce in both the countries.

Tension continues from India

China has occupied India’s ‘Aksai Chin’ since the 1962 war. Along with this, many disputes have also been started on LAC from his side. The clash in Galwan in 2020 is the latest example of this. Since this clash, both the countries have deployed their armies in large numbers near the LAC.

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