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Year Ender 2023: 7000 people conquered Everest in 70 years, so many Indians were included

Image Source: AP
The world’s highest peak, Everest, is located in Nepal.

In the last 70 years, thousands of climbers have set new records by conquering Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. Many Indians are also included in this. In the last 70 years, about 7 thousand climbers have conquered Everest. Despite rising temperatures, melting glaciers and snow and increasingly adverse weather conditions, the climbing community celebrated the 70th anniversary of the climb of Mount Everest this year. In the year 2023, about 500 climbers including four Indians conquered this highest peak. Whereas in the last 70 years, more than a dozen Indians have conquered Everest. Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay of Nepal conquered the 8,848.86 meter high Mount Everest on May 29, 1953.

Since then, climbers from all over the world including India and Nepal have been attracted towards this highest peak of the world, many of them have reached this peak while many have lost their lives in the process. Mount Everest is called Sagarmatha in Nepali language. Official data has shown that after Edmund-Norge conquered Mount Everest in 1953, about 7000 climbers successfully climbed Mount Everest while more than 300 climbers lost their lives. The year 2023 was no exception and this year also 478 climbers, including 103 women, climbed Mount Everest in the spring. Spring is the only time of the year to climb such a high peak. This year, four Indians reached Mount Everest while one lost his life.

11 climbers died, 8 missing in the year 2023

Yashi Jain, Mithil Raju, Sunil Kumar and Pinky Harris successfully climbed the world’s highest peak on 17 May. Indian mountaineer Suzanne Leopoldina died at Everest Base Camp on 18 May while attempting to climb the peak. He was fitted with a pacemaker. Eleven climbers, including four Nepalese, one Indian and one Chinese, have died and eight have gone missing during mountaineering expeditions to Mount Everest, officials said. Nepal’s Kami Rita Sherpa (53) created a new world record by climbing Mount Everest 28 times. This year itself, he successfully climbed this peak twice on 17th May and 23rd May. Till 2022, the record of his own countryman Sherpa Pasang Dawa (46) was also close to Kami, who climbed this peak for the 26th time on May 14 and for the 27th time on May 17 this year. (Language)

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