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Dreaming of studying in Canada, know the new rules, it is necessary to have this much money in the account

If you are dreaming of going to Canada to study, then there is very important news for you. The Canadian government has given a big shock to the students coming for immediate study. Now students going to Canada for studies will have to pay more money than before. This new decision will come into effect from the new year. According to reports, now to go to Canada for studies, it is necessary to have Rs 12.7 lakh in the bank account. Whereas earlier this amount was Rs 6.14 lakh.

Compared to other countries, the cost of going to Canada to study is less. Due to which a large number of foreign students come there to study. According to reports, a Canadian government minister says this should be seen as a way to ensure the success and well-being of foreign students in Canada. Minister Miller in the Government of Canada has said that since the 2000s, the cost of living for a student coming to Canada has remained at 10,000 US dollars. However, considering the increased cost of living, the limit will be increased to $20,635.

This decision is not only a reaction to the rising cost of living. It also solves the challenges faced by foreign students like finding suitable accommodation. These reforms are in line with the government’s commitment to protect students from exploitation and financial insecurity. According to the new rules, foreign students will have to prove on paper the arrangements for half of the total cost of living and studies. Whereas, earlier this price was fixed on the basis of the level of education of the students.

Students can also do job along with studies

One can study from top universities in Canada at half the fees of top universities in America and Europe. The cost of studying here depends on the course. In Canada, students can work along with studies. If the student’s marks are good, then the university, along with giving him a scholarship, also gives him permission to do a part-time job to make other arrangements. So that students can easily meet the expenses of their studies.

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