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Due to the stress of board exams, the child suddenly becomes silent and stops eating and drinking, so be alert, this could be a sign of depression.

How To Recognize Depression In Your Ward, There is so much discussion about board exams since childhood that by the time a child grows up, it is deeply embedded in his mind that these are very important papers. Obviously these are necessary, so scoring in them becomes even more important. Some children deal with this pressure easily, some with difficulty and some are unable to deal with it. There is no doubt that no exam in the world is more important than the health and life of the child. In such a situation, if you also see these symptoms in your child before and after the board exams, then be alert.

What do experts say

In this regard, psychiatrist Dr. Alok Bajpai says that there are two types of children who handle the pressure of board exams. Firstly, when they have problems or are under stress, they themselves come and share it with their parents and this is a very good thing. Others are those who are worried inside but don’t say anything. Parents of such children should be a little more cautious. This is what they tell you about the symptoms.

what are the symptoms

Talking about the symptoms, if you notice any major change in your child’s behavior like he suddenly starts becoming silent, stops meeting people, speaks less, does not eat or drink, does not meet friends or even talk. If you avoid it then you will understand that something is wrong. If he doesn’t show interest even in his favorite activities, there is change in sleeping pattern (this includes both sleeping more and less), normal routine changes, he stops studying, he gets nervous, keeps using mobile all the time, then talk to him. Do it.

does something different

If your child suddenly reduces his studies and starts getting more attached to mobile or TV. If he starts sleeping a lot then don’t count it as his mischievousness. If your sincere child is suddenly acting like this, then assume that he is looking for ways to divert his mind to run away from the complications going on in his mind. Talk to him, he needs your help, in such a situation do not scold him at all.

How to recognize the difference between stress and depression

In this regard, educational counselor and psychologist Dr. Amita Bajpai says that if there is stress, it will go away after some time but if depression starts, the symptoms last longer. If the sadness continues for a long time then talk to him. No one can understand him better than the parents and parents are such important people in life that when they support and understand, a different level of confidence comes in the child.

When to contact the expert

Anorexia or stress is not always depression. Sometimes exam stress also causes emotional instability. This goes away after some time. If the child feels fine after talking to you, then be his support and tell him that no exam is more important than that. A little pressure, called positive pressure, is okay, but do not let excessive stress dominate you. If the child remains in this condition for a long time and nothing said by friends or parents is affecting him, then he can meet a psychologist or psychiatrist. Do not get trapped in any kind of taboo, this is a small common problem which can be easily cured with the help of an expert.

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