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Education Minister explained the new format of studies, this method will soon replace 10 + 2

Education Minister on New Format of Education: Some time ago i.e. in the year 2020, the National Education Policy was released. Under this, there was talk of many changes in education from school to college level. One of them is the matter of change in the format of studies. It was said in NEP that a new format will come in place of 10 + 2 format and studies will be conducted in schools according to it. This is the new format – 5 +3+ 3+ 4. Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan explained this in a recent program.

How will the 5 +3+ 3+ 4 format work?

The Education Minister made it clear that as was said in the NEP, soon education will be taught in schools in the 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 format. Education Minister was speaking in the Agenda Aaj programme. During this, he was asked many questions and in response to one question, he explained this new format. He said that this study method will work in the future. With this the country will progress in various dimensions.

This is how the format of studies changed

Earlier education was on 10 + 2 lines, under this the schooling was for 12 years. Now it will be reduced to 15 years and children will be given education in 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 format. It can be understood that pre-education will be divided into three years and primary education into two years.

How many years in which stage

In this 5 +3+ 3+ 4 format of National Education Policy, studies will be like this. In this, the first five years will be taught in the foundation stage, the next three years in the preparatory stage, the next three years in the middle stage and the last four years in the secondary stage. This year, from play group to secondary stage, students will complete their studies through sports in a total of 15 years. The methods of education will also be changed and children will be freed from pressure. Emphasis will be laid on increasing their critical thinking.

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