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How many people should be there in group study, is a big group better or a small one?

Ideal Size Of Group For Group Studies: Many students like to study in groups. They are able to study better sitting in a group and find it more beneficial than solo study. However, sometimes it happens that group study starts giving negative results instead of positive ones. In fact, the size of the group plays an important role in the success of a group study. It is very important how many people there should be in a group. Know how many members should be there for group study.

What do the studies say?

Various studies conducted in this regard show that an ideal group should have four to five members and not more than that. The maximum number is five and it is best if the group has four members. Due to this, studies cannot be done properly in large or small groups. However, for this it is also necessary that the group members be honest and responsible.

Make one a coordinator

For group study to be successful, it is important that you make one of the four or five as the coordinator. Coordinate when you guys are meeting. From day to timing and place. Calling everyone, confirming who can come when. All this should be the responsibility of one person. Keep exchanging these responsibilities among yourselves.

Everyone should come on the appointed day.

It is important that all the candidates are present on the day and time fixed for group study. If anyone is careless, change the group after two-three warnings. Along with this, the person who has been given the responsibility of reading or explaining the topic should also see that he fulfills his responsibility properly.

Distraction happens in big groups

If groups become large then coordination becomes a problem. There are so many people, so many different ideas and it is difficult to reconcile them all. Sometimes even if this problem does not arise, the distraction increases. Group study becomes only a place for debate. Members do not get along well, so form small groups.

Study is not monotonous

Talking about the benefits of group study, it increases productivity, increases diversity and with the active participation of everyone, it becomes a fun experience. While solo study sometimes becomes boring, preparation in group study is better. However, it also depends on your abilities, needs and other members of the group.

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