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Prepare restaurant-like lasagna at home with this recipe

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You must have heard the name of Lasagna dish in hotels and restaurants. If you are an Italian food lover then you must have read the name of Lasagna in the menu. Lasagna is very tasty to eat. It is made by adding layers of cheese, tomato sauce, white sauce and a variety of colorful vegetables. Garnish with cream and bake the lasagna. You will also find many different flavors in lasagna. You can make it easily at home also. If you like Italian food then you will like the taste of lasagna. Know where lasagna is a dish and what is the easy recipe for making vegetable lasagna.

what is lasagna

You can make lasagna with pasta, sandwich or in any style. The most special thing in it is the sauce and cream in it. Lasagna is made in layers and baked with various sauces and creams. Especially white sauce, tomato sauce, cream and many types of Italian sauces are used.

Where is lasagna from?

People all over the world are enjoying lasagna, but it is basically an Italian dish. Which is quite famous among the people. You will find lasagna in any Italian restaurants in India.

Ingredients for Veg Lasagna

  • To bake lasagna, the temperature of the oven should be 350 Fahrenheit-180 Celsius.
  • You need 500 grams of any cooked vegetables of your choice.
  • About 2 cups tomato puree, 1 tablespoon garlic paste, salt as per taste and 1 tablespoon sugar.
  • To add to lasagna, you need 1 tablespoon red chilli, oregano and 2 tablespoon basil mix.
  • You will need 1 spoon olive oil, some butter, 1 cup flour, 3 cups milk and lasagna sheet.
  • 1 cup mozzarella or cheddar cheese and greased 8-inch ovenproof dish.

Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

  • First of all, heat olive oil and fry the garlic in it.
  • Mix tomato puree, salt, sugar, red chili, oregano and basil in olive oil.
  • Put butter in a pan and add flour and fry it lightly. Mix milk while stirring and cook on low flame till it boils.
  • To prepare lasagna, mix all the vegetables and mix 1 ½ cups tomato sauce and 2 cups white sauce.
  • Now it’s time to bake it, so pour tomato puree on the dish and place lasagna strips.
  • Spread all the vegetables in a layer and add grated cheese.
  • You have to prepare 5 such layers and add white sauce and tomato sauce on the top layer.
  • Put cheese on it and keep it in the oven to bake for half an hour.
  • Creamy, cheesy and vegetable lasagna is ready, your mouth will water the moment you see it.

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