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How to reduce exam pressure? PM Modi told this special formula, gave this advice to parents

Discussion on Pariksha 2024 By PM Modi: ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ program has started. PM Modi is answering the questions of the students. Meanwhile, the program itself started with questions on handling exam pressure. From parents to teachers and children talked to the PM on this issue. In response, the Prime Minister gave tips to handle exam pressure. Let us know what tips the PM gave to handle exam pressure.

prepare yourself mentally

While talking about this, the PM first told the types of pressure and he started with the advice that, first of all, prepare yourself mentally for any type of pressure. When we prepare ourselves mentally, we do not get worried as much.

Mention types of pressure

Meanwhile, the PM explained the types of pressure. The first pressure is that which we create for ourselves, like we have to study so much today, we have to finish this much course by this day, we have to wake up at this time. When we are not able to meet such targets, we get upset. The solution to this is to make small goals which you can complete. If you don’t succeed, don’t worry and start again.

The second pressure is that which is created by parents, family or elder brothers and sisters. Repeatedly interrupting children, comparing them with others, taunting them. When mother becomes silent, father starts scolding. Overall, this commentary does not stop in the house. PM Modi requested the parents to avoid such behaviour. Provide a good positive environment to children and do not compare them with any other child nor ask them to study day and night.

lack of understanding

The third and last pressure is lack of understanding. That is, such pressures are imaginary. There is no truth in these and we just remain afraid the whole time. When the opportunity comes, we realize that there was nothing to be afraid of, hence avoid such pressure. Without pressure you will be able to do well in examinations.

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