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China scared of the friendship between Macron and PM Modi, know what Chinese President Jinping said – India TV Hindi

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China frightened by the friendship between Macron and PM Modi

China on France: French President Emmanuel Macron came as a guest of India on 26 January Republic Day. Here in two days, he saw and learned the rich culture of India very closely. They visited the historic city of Jaipur, heard Sufi music at the Dargah of Nizamuddin Auliya. PM Modi and Macron together did a road show in Jaipur. During this time the world saw the friendship between the two leaders. On the Republic Day, he was very happy to see the colorful tableaux depicting the culture of various provinces of India. China is shocked by this friendship between PM Modi and Macron. China is very happy with this friendship. Know what China said?

China is under tension over the bonding between Macron and PM Modi who recently visited India. China has been considering France as its friend. On the growing friendship with India, Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that ‘there is a need to give new heights to the relations between China and France. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, he said that the relations between the two countries are very strong, but more new positive experiments should be done to promote them.

China’s statement came amid France’s increasing friendship with India

On the growing friendship of France with India, China has also started talking about increasing friendship with France. This statement of the Chinese President has come at a time when French President Emmanuel Macron has recently returned from a tour of India. During this time, his friendship with the Prime Minister was in discussion and both the countries also made agreements on many important issues including increasing defense cooperation.

What did Chinese President Jinping say?

Speaking on relations with France, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, ‘Today the world once again seems to be standing at an important crossroads. In such a situation, China and France should together open the way for peace, security and prosperity for human development. China always attaches great importance to the development of bilateral relations. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations with France, we would like to say that China is willing to work with Macron to uphold basic principles, explore new ground in relations, build on past achievements, and open a new path.

Why was China keeping an eye on Macron’s visit to India?

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has offered to increase French imports. He said that we will continue to expand imports of high quality products and services from France. We hope that France will also provide a fair and equitable business environment to Chinese companies.

Macron criticized America after his visit to China

By the way, China is touting relations with France. Earlier last year, Macron had visited China. Then Macron had raised questions on America’s role in the war between Ukraine and Russia. On America’s role in the context of war, Macron had said that America’s voice is not the voice of the whole of Europe. We should look at our priorities first.

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