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In which states will schools and colleges remain closed on the establishment of Ram Temple, where will half-day be available? See latest update here

Ram Mandir Inauguration Holiday Tomorrow: Preparations for the establishment of Ram temple are going on in full swing not only in Ayodhya but in the entire country. To witness this historic occasion, people in the country as well as abroad have gathered tightly. Under this, orders have been passed to close schools, colleges, offices, markets in many states. 22nd was declared a public holiday in UP long ago. Apart from this, there are many states which have declared holiday in schools and colleges tomorrow. A holiday has been declared so that the new generation can also participate in witnessing this moment. Let us know where tomorrow is a holiday and where not.

Holiday in UP and MP

Holidays have already been declared in all educational institutions in UP. There will also be a ban on the sale of liquor and meat. Along with this, MP CM Mohan Yadav has also declared holiday on 22nd. Here too, shops related to liquor and other drugs will be kept closed.

Half Day in Haryana and Rajasthan

Haryana government has also declared a half-day holiday on the occasion of the establishment of Ram temple. Dry day will be celebrated here too and there will be a ban on the sale of liquor. In Rajasthan, there will be holiday not for the whole day but for half the day, here half day will be given. Along with Rajasthan, half day will be available in Assam also. Everything here will be closed till 2.30 pm.

Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Delhi

In Chhattisgarh, the state government has announced a holiday for the whole day. Here all schools, colleges, government or non-government, will be kept closed. Whereas in Delhi, half day has been given in government institutions. Holiday has also been declared in Gujarat.

Maharashtra, Goa and Odisha

In Maharashtra where 22 January has been declared a public holiday. There will be a holiday of half a day in Odisha. There is a holiday here till 2.30 pm. Half day has also been declared in Tripura. You will get leave here for half a day. Holiday has been declared in Goa. No holiday has been given on this occasion in Karnataka.

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