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There may be a shortage of jobs in the IT industry, big companies have pulled back, will not even participate in campus placements.

IT Industry May Stop Hiring New People: If you are from the IT industry, are completing the course this year or are thinking of making your future here, then this news is useful for you. There may be a decrease in jobs in the IT industry this year. According to media reports, this could happen due to global damage to information technology. Four big companies, considered giants in this field, are withdrawing their hands and are considering not making new appointments. If this happens, this year can be a dark year for the IT industry.

what does the report say

In this regard, Mint reports that the country’s top IT recruiter companies are avoiding new hiring. The total number of employees in Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Infosys Limited, HCL Technologies Limited and Wipro together has decreased by 49,936. This data has been collected from quarterly and annual financial reports.

Why did hiring decrease?

The report also says that this is the biggest cut so far in the last five years among the four big companies of the IT industry. Before this, the number of employees here did not decrease as much as it did in the last financial year. This is not a good sign. The reason for this is the global economic crisis due to which India’s IT industry has suffered a loss of around 245 billion dollars.

There was bat-bat during Covid time

Let us tell you that in the financial year 2022, there was a lot of hiring in these four big companies because then things suddenly started becoming technology based. In this year, about 3 lakh people were given jobs and these companies were running on top. However, the scene may change this year.

There will be problems in new hiring

Industry experts also believe that by the end of this year, fresh IT graduates may face problems in getting jobs. However, there is also a possibility that if there are so many cuts this year, the future job prospects will be better. Not only this, Infosys and Wipro have even said that they will not participate in campus recruitment in this quarter. Overall, there has been a negative impact on the growth of the IT industry.

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