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Before the general elections in Pakistan, petrol ‘fired’, how much did the government increase the prices? – India TV Hindi

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Petrol prices increased again in Pakistan

Petrol Price in Pakistan: People in Pakistan are badly suffering from inflation. From the prices of food items to the prices of LPG and petrol, prices are skyrocketing. But before the elections, the government has once again ‘robbered’ the common man’s pocket. Before the elections on 8 February, the Pakistan government has increased the prices of petrol. The increased prices of petrol are like a ‘petrol bomb’ on the common people who are already troubled by expensive petrol.

The interim government in Pakistan has burst ‘petrol bomb’ on the general public. On Wednesday, the interim government of Pakistan has increased the price of petrol by Rs 13.55. After this increase in price per litre, the price of petrol in Pakistan has now become Rs 272.89. Earlier this price was Rs 259.34 per liter. If we talk about High Speed ​​Diesel i.e. ‘HSD’, the increase is Rs 2.75. With this the price of HSD has now reached 278.96.

Price increase more than before

However, in the new notification, information about how much the prices of light diesel, oil and kerosene oil have increased has not been given. The increase in petrol price is higher than earlier expected. Petrol and HSD prices were estimated to rise by Rs 5-9 per liter in the next fortnight due to higher international prices and import premium.

Increased price of petroleum products

According to the report of Dawn News, sources had said that the prices of both the major petroleum products have increased in the international market in the last fortnight. Despite the appreciation of the rupee against the US dollar, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) also had to pay higher import premium. Due to this, the price of HSD was expected to increase by Rs 4-6 per liter and the price of petrol by Rs 6.5 to 9 per liter. However, kerosene and LDO prices are still expected to remain unchanged.

Common people are suffering from inflation

The people of Pakistan are already suffering from inflation. The prices of flour and pulses are so high that it has become difficult for people to live. At the same time, electricity prices are also very high. While the common people are getting crushed in the mill of inflation, on the other hand, Pakistan’s leaders and army have been accused of corruption every now and then. Many leaders have also been punished. Amidst all this, general elections are going to be held in Pakistan on 8th February. In such a situation, who the general public, suffering from inflation, elects as the new government, will be known only after the election results are declared.

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