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If there is no pain despite the presence of a lump in the breast, could it be a symptom of breast cancer?

Breast Cancer which is common in women. We read many things on Google regarding breast cancer. In breast cancer this happens, that happens. But the biggest question among all this is whether breast cancer can be felt easily? For your information, let us tell you that breast cancer cannot be felt until the tumor becomes large or cannot be felt. It is also true that breast cancer is common among women, it is quite different from other cancers. Symptoms of breast cancer include breast pain, dimpling and inverted nipples.

Symptoms of breast cancer can be like this
For your information, let us tell you that after regular checkup through mammogram, it can be detected whether there is breast cancer or not. However, in some people, the initial symptoms include lump under the arm, changed color of the nipple, inverted nipple and many other changes. Many times it happens that only those whose breast cancer is in the last stage are able to get diagnosed with this disease. Or many people may also see other symptoms. Let us know how a lump is felt in breast cancer. How do its symptoms appear over time? And what are the reasons for this?

Last year, a short video of actress Mahima Chaudhary went quite viral. In which she was telling that she used to get routine checkup done as usual. Then the doctor expressed suspicion that she might have breast cancer. After this, some tests were done to confirm. After which it came to light that yes it really is. Many times it happens that the symptoms of cancer do not appear quickly. Due to which treatment does not start. And by the time we find out, it is too late. Whereas doctors say that if it is detected on time, it can be easily cured. Let us know how to detect it, what should be the treatment and prevention? She is giving information after talking to well-known experts. According to a reliable source, the American Cancer Society (ACS), the most common early symptom of breast cancer appears as a lump. However, this is not always the case.

What do breast cancer lumps look like?
there is no pain in the lump

it is very hard

are sharp

However, normal non-cancerous lumps in the breast feel soft, round and tender.

Early symptoms of breast cancer

breast or nipple pain

Swelling, irritation or color change in the breast or nipple

inversion of the nipple

A new mole or change in an existing breast or nipple mole

wound on breast or nipple

lymph nodes

Angiosarcoma is a type of breast cancer that may involve a single lump, but can also cause nodules on the breast that are a different color than one’s normal skin tone. There may be only nodules and no lumps.

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