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If you want to live peacefully then sleep, due to which old age will remain far away, the problem of sleeplessness is increasing after Corona.

Sleeping Disorder: You must have seen a show on TV, in which the anchor says ‘If you want to sleep peacefully then wake up’. But if you want to remain young for a long time and keep old age at bay, then it is important to sleep peacefully. Yes, seeing the way people’s sleep has been ruined after the Corona period, health experts have advocated adequate sleep. Recent figures say that more than 30 percent people in the country are suffering from lack of sleep and after the Corona period, lack of sleep is becoming the cause of many other diseases. The problem of sleeplessness is increasing and along with it, health related risks are also continuously increasing. Let’s know about this

Why is sleep disturbed?

After the Corona period, depression, anxiety and stress have increased among people, due to which the problem of insomnia has increased among people. Along with this, unbalanced lifestyle, watching mobile or TV till late night and irregular working hours have also caused considerable disturbance in sleep. The result of this is that most of the people keep complaining about not getting enough sleep or lack of sleep.

How many hours of sleep is necessary at what age?

Health experts say that children between 16 years to 17 years should sleep at least 13 hours a day. People aged between 20 to 55 years must sleep at least 7 hours a day. If you are above fifty years of age then you should sleep for 6 hours. If seen, sleep gives rest to your body after the whole day’s work. It is like a spa which not only reforms the body but also gives plenty of energy for the next day. This improves efficiency and brain development. The chemical processes that occur in the brain while sleeping increase mental capacity and help in preventing the negative effects of aging.

what happens due to lack of sleep

Lack of sleep not only puts you at risk of many diseases but it also causes early aging and reduces the hours of your life. People who do not get enough sleep, all their body parts are not able to function properly, premature wrinkles start appearing on the face and along with mental stress, their ability to work is also adversely affected. Health experts say that lack of sleep increases the risk of mental diseases, cancer, brain stroke, heart disease and even diabetes. Deteriorating sleep cycle has a negative impact on the body’s metabolism and The person’s weight starts increasing.

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