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When America made this strategy regarding Palestine, China got angry, Beijing made allegations – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) and US President Joe Biden (right)

Beijing: America may have taken every initiative to improve relations with China, but Beijing does not trust Biden. China says that despite improvement in relations, America is trying to suppress it. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi alleged on Thursday that America is preparing a strategy to stop the rise of China at the global level. Along with this, he criticized the Biden administration for including more Chinese companies in the banned list by America.

Speaking to the media during the annual meeting of China’s legislature, Wang Yi said that China’s relations with the US have improved since the meeting of President Xi Jinping and Joe Biden in November, but the US has not fulfilled its promises. . He said, “If America always says one thing and does something else, then where is its credibility as a major power?” If America gets nervous and worried at the mention of China, then where is its confidence as a superpower?

Wang Yi said – America will suffer loss

Wang said, “If the US is bent on suppressing China, it will ultimately suffer losses.” Wang appealed to UN Security Council members to stop Palestine from becoming a member of the world body. Shouldn’t try. Wang, 70, a veteran diplomat, emerged as a confidant of the president and was reassigned to the post of foreign minister last summer. Earlier, the then Foreign Minister Chin Gang was suddenly dismissed without any explanation after a tenure of about six months. (AP)

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