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-15 degree temperature, water turned into ice on the roads, still left in Fortuner, this is what happened

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Tourists stranded in Lahaul Spiti

It is extremely cold in Himachal Pradesh. The temperature has gone below zero in many districts of Himachal. Due to freezing temperature, rivers and streams in Lahaul Spiti district have become heavily frozen. It seems as if the water flowing on the roads has stopped. The temperature of the entire valley has fallen below minus 15 degrees. In such a situation, the water accumulated on the road is as hard and slippery as lead. Most of the roads in this area are officially closed after November 15. Despite this, many tourists are risking their lives to enjoy the snowfall.

Stranded tourists were rescued

According to the information received, many tourists who had come to enjoy Lahaul Spiti and snowfall got stuck. Five tourists stranded on Spiti’s Kaza Manali road for two days were rescued by the administration with the help of local youth. The administration had received information that on December 17, 2023, a Fortuner train had left from Losar for Manali. The local people also tried to stop the people traveling in the vehicle from going there but still they left. The next day, when the relatives of the tourists contacted the administration, they gave complete information. After this the DM decided to send rescue teams from both Spiti and Kellogg.

The health of two tourists had fallen ill.

On December 18, the rescue team from Spiti could reach only three kilometers behind Kunjam Top. Vehicles were getting stuck due to excessive snow. The rescue team along with local administration, ITBP, BRO, Public Works Department, Forest Department, Police and local people tried to rescue the tourists. The team had to come back halfway on the first day of the rescue operation. Then the team stopped at Losar rest house. On Tuesday morning the rescue team again left for Batal with 10 vehicles. At around 2.30 pm the team reached Batal Rest House where the five tourists were staying. While climbing about ten kilometers away from Batal, the vehicle of these tourists slipped due to snow and all five of them got stuck. On the night of 17 December, the health of two of these tourists had deteriorated significantly.

Everyone was rescued

When their car got stuck, three friends went on foot to Chhadu to seek help but they did not get any help and returned exhausted. Then they decided to break the lock of the locked rest house in Batal and make arrangements for night’s stay and then all five reached the rest house. Meanwhile, the administration had received information that five people were trapped. Kaza’s team reached first and everyone was rescued safely.

They were rescued

Fortuner driver, Yash Dhingra, Central Delhi, Ayush Panghal and Ansh Bharti were rescued. Apart from this, one person was also a resident of Shimla. All the rescued people have expressed heartfelt gratitude to the state government, Chief Minister Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, district Lahaul Spiti administration and the local people for the rescue operation.

(Report- Jiten Thakur)

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