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5 dead bodies found in a locked house in Chitradurga, Karnataka, the deceased belonged to the same family

Image Source : INDIA TV
Five hellfires have been recovered from this house in Chitradurga.

There was a stir after five hellfires were found in a house in Chitradurga, Karnataka. It is being told that the bodies of five people have been found in a closed house. There is suspicion of death of 5 people of the same family. According to the information received, 5 skeletons were found in a house in Adhishakti Nagar of Chitradurga Extension police station area. It is not yet clear whether the deceased had committed suicide or died due to some other reason.

The family of the deceased lived a solitary life

When the police reached the spot after receiving the information and talked to the relatives and acquaintances of the deceased, everyone claimed that the family of the deceased lived a completely secluded life and was facing serious health problems.

Hellfire found lying down at home

The deceased family was last seen in June-July-2019. The house was always locked. About two months ago, during a morning walk, some people saw a wooden door broken, but the police were not informed. When the police reached the spot and broke into the house, they found four dead bodies (2 on the bed, 2 on the floor) in a sleeping position in a room. While the skeleton of a woman was found in a lying position in another room. The police also called the forensic team to the spot and samples were taken.

The dead were identified

Based on preliminary investigation, the police identified the deceased as Jagannath Reddy, retired executive engineer (85 years), Prema wife of Jagannath Reddy (80 years), Trivedi daughter of Jagannath Reddy (62 years), Krishna Reddy son of Jagannath Reddy (60 years). And Narendra Reddy as son Jagannath Reddy (57 years). Police say that the correct identification of the dead will be possible only after the post-mortem report and forensic report. At present the investigation of the case is going on.

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