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Bengal: How did Sheikh Shahjahan come on ED’s radar? Big revelation in ration scam – India TV Hindi

Bengal: How did Sheikh Shahjahan come on ED’s radar?  Big revelation in ration scam – India TV Hindi

TMC leader Sheikh Shahjahan - India TV Hindi

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TMC leader Sheikh Shahjahan

Many big revelations have been made in the ED investigation into the ration scam in West Bengal. How TMC leader Sheikh Shahjahan came under ED’s radar. We will tell you about this also. ED had come to know from media reports that about two crore ration cards in West Bengal are fake. This was revealed through biometric testing. For the first time, Bakibur Rehman came under the target of ED in the ration scam. ED had come to know that some ration of PDS scheme had been received by private people. When investigation was done, it was found that this ration had come from Bakibur Rahman’s mill. Rahman has two wives, out of which the brother of the second wife was appointed as an orderly to Minister Jyotipriya Mallik. Many bogus companies were also formed in his name.

The ration of the poor reached the mill owners

According to sources associated with ED, grains of poor farmers and ration of poor people reached the mill owners in large quantities through middlemen. Crores of rupees were earned and a major part of it reached Minister Jyotipriya Mallik. ED sources say that this would not have been possible without the connivance of the state government.

Problems of Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee may increase

Now the question is whether Jyotipriya Mallik is just a pawn. Did Mamata Banerjee and her nephew Abhishek Banerjee have full knowledge of this scam? Minister Jyotipriya used to report to CM Mamata. At the same time, the closeness of powerful leader Sheikh Shahjahan, associated with Jyotipriya, to Abhishek Banerjee is not hidden from anyone. This is the reason why the scope of ED’s investigation is increasing. However, the problems of Mamta and her nephew are also going to increase.

After all, how do people like Sheikh Shahjahan become?

ED sources say that the money which used to reach Minister Jyotipriya Mallik through the mill owners, was then sent to people like Sheikh Shahjahan and Shankar Adya. Then he used to invest this money further. Sheikh built a big market in his area. Built big ponds for fishing and made even more money with this money. This money reached back to Minister Jyotipriya Mallik and the top levels of the West Bengal government. In return, Sheikh Shahjahan also gave the vote bank of Sarbariya and a large area along the Bangladesh border to the Trinamool government. Sheikh created his image as Robin Hood in the area, because the majority of the population in this area consists of poor Muslims. The same Shankar Aadya sent crores of rupees abroad, especially to Dubai, through Forex companies. The money either reached Dubai directly or via Bangladesh.

ED got this big clue

When Jyotipriya Mallik was arrested by ED, after some time he was admitted to the hospital. ED installed CCTV in his room, so that if anyone comes to meet him, he can be traced. Jyoti filed a petition against this in the court. He said that this violates his privacy. ED told the court that it would deploy CRPF personnel outside his room. Which was accepted by both the court and Jyoti.

At the time when CCTV cameras were being removed and deployed outside the CRPF room, Jyoti took the opportunity to write a letter to her daughter. In which he wrote that if there is any need of money then please inform Sheikh Shahjahan or Shankar Aadhya. CRPF caught this letter. And gave it to ED. It was from here that Sheikh Shahjahan and Shankar Aadhya came under the target of ED. When ED started investigating these two, it came to light that a huge amount of money from Sheikh Shahjaha and Shankar Aadhya goes to Jyotipriya.

Shankar Aadhya was involved in money laundering

Shankar has FFMC business and he was laundering money through 90 forex companies. Investigation revealed that till now approximately Rs. twenty thousand crores have been deposited in the bank accounts of many FFMC companies, but proper documentation of the passports and tickets of the travelers was done. Out of twenty thousand crore rupees, nine to ten thousand crore rupees were converted into foreign currency of Jyoti Priya Mallik alone. About two thousand crore rupees were transferred to Dubai. Out of which a lot of money also went through Bangladesh.

When ED investigated Aadhya Forex Private Limited Company under FEMA, it was found that so far Rs 2700 crore cash has been deposited in the bank accounts of this company. Apart from this, several hundred crore rupees of cash were deposited in other companies of Shankar Aadhya which are directly or indirectly controlled by Shankar Aadhya. In which the Hawala amount was also in several hundred crores, which was sent abroad.

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