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CM Hemant remained with PM Modi like a shadow in every program, is a new chemistry being created?

Image Source : PTI
PM Modi and Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren talking.

Ranchi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on a visit to Jharkhand on 14 and 15 November. During this period, Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren remained with him like a shadow. Except for PM Modi’s road show in Ranchi on the night of 14th November, Hemant Soren was not only present in all his programs but he was also busy hosting and welcoming them with great warmth. The kind of “chemistry” seen between PM Modi and CM Soren during this two-day visit, its implications are being explored in the corridors of politics. This was an official visit of the Prime Minister and hence the presence of CM Hemant Soren in his programs is undoubtedly a part of the protocol, but the way both of them displayed cordial gestures towards each other, the pictures related to it became a topic of discussion in Jharkhand. Have gone.

Hemant Soren trying to improve relations with PM Modi?

Hemant Soren And the CMO made a total of seven tweets on social media to welcome, congratulate and request the PM on his visit. There is discussion in political circles that in recent times, Chief Minister Hemant Soren is trying to improve relations with Prime Minister Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi by special plane at around 9.30 pm on 14th November. About an hour before his arrival, Chief Minister Hemant Soren reached the airport to receive him. After giving a bouquet to the PM, he joined both his hands and PM Modi took his joined hands very warmly.

Seen laughing and chatting

On the morning of 15 November, there was a program of installation of war plane MiG-21 in the presence of PM Modi at Raj Bhavan. Here too Hemant Soren had a warm presence. After this, smiling pictures of Hemant Soren and the Prime Minister chatting with each other during the tour of Birsa Memorial Museum in Ranchi and the main program organized in Khunti on 15 November were revealed. Hemant also presented the photo and statue of Dharti Aaba Bhagwan Birsa Munda to the PM. The special thing is that both PM Modi and CM Soren remained restrained and balanced in their addresses. Neither of them said anything that would displease each other. Ever since the JMM-Congress-RJD coalition government led by Hemant Soren was formed in Jharkhand in the year 2019, there has been constant tension in the relations between the central and state governments, but this time during Modi’s two-day visit, everything is “better” than usual. ” Stayed.

PM Modi in Ranchi

Image Source : PTI

PM Modi’s Ranchi visit

Post written addressing PM Modi

The CM wrote in an X-post addressed to the PM on November 15, “Honorable Prime Minister, Jharkhand has progressed in many ways. Be it mineral wealth, sportspersons, or any other topic. Prime Minister, we would like to urge that a large number of tribals who live in the forests here have to bear the brunt of displacement. They have been displaced on a large scale for many years to extract mineral resources. I hope and expect that such a special action plan should be prepared for the people living in this area, where our tribal brothers and sisters can connect themselves with the links of overall development with their water, forests and land. You have come to this holy land of Ulihatu for the first time. With this hope that today’s program will help the tribal society move forward, I thank you profusely. Jai Hind! Jai Jharkhand! Johar!”

When Modi reached the airport to return after his two-day visit, the CM stayed with him there too. He wrote on his Many thanks, gratitude and enthusiasm from you. May you have a happy journey ahead. I pray that God always grants you good health and long life.”

What is the reason behind this changed behavior of Hemant Soren?

Experts in politics are also linking the reason for Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s virtuous behavior to the developments related to the ongoing action by ED. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has issued summons to Chief Minister Hemant Soren five times in the land scam case. Soren also went to court against ED, but he did not get much relief. It was believed that after not getting relief from the court, ED could take action against Soren, but for about a month there has been no movement from ED’s side in this matter.

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