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These vegetables will make the dark circles under the eyes disappear, use them like this

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Tips to remove dark circles

Nowadays, due to increasing stress, working on computer for hours and lack of nutrition in food, people have started getting dark circles under the eyes. Earlier, people used to face this problem only with increasing age, but now black pits have started appearing under the eyes of youngsters too. Dark circles can happen to anyone. These are no less than blemishes on the beauty of the face. However, there are many creams and serums available in the market which claim to reduce dark circles. However, products containing these chemicals have more side effects than benefits. In such a situation, you can easily reduce dark circles by using some vegetables found in the kitchen.

Why do dark circles occur?

First of all, it is important for you to know what is the reason behind dark circles under your eyes. There can be many reasons for dark circles under the eyes. Some people have the habit of taking too much stress. Dark circles start forming under their eyes. Sometimes this also happens due to problems like sleep. Some people develop dark circles due to hormonal changes. If you do not lead a healthy lifestyle then you may get dark circles. Heredity can also be the reason.

Home Remedies For Dark Circles

  1. Apply tomato on dark circles- Tomato is easily available in everyone’s house. Tomato is in season throughout the year. Use tomato to reduce dark circles under the eyes. Tomato works to eliminate dark circles in a natural way. Applying tomato on the skin makes the skin soft and fresh. Mix a few drops of lemon juice in tomato juice and apply. You will get benefit from this in a few days.
  2. Potato to remove dark circles- Potato, the king of vegetables, also proves effective in removing dark circles. Dark circles can be reduced by applying potato juice daily. For this, mix a few drops of lemon juice in potato juice and apply it under the eyes with cotton. By doing this your dark circles will disappear.
  3. Orange remedies to remove dark circles- You can also use orange peels for this. Dry the orange peels and grind them. Mix rose water in this powder and apply it on dark circles. This will eliminate dark circles easily.

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