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Effect of heat in Delhi-NCR in December, know the condition of other states including UP-Bihar

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IMD Weather Forecast Today: Changes are being seen in the weather of Delhi-NCR. In the month of December, Delhi has started feeling so hot after almost 8 years. On December 1, the minimum temperature of Delhi was recorded at 14 degrees Celsius. According to the Meteorological Department, this is being seen in Delhi-NCR due to Western Disturbance. Due to weak Western Disturbance, there has been a brake on the increasing cold in North India. At the same time, due to La Nina, less cold is being seen in winter. The sky will remain clear on Saturday. Light fog will be seen during the morning. The maximum temperature is likely to be between 25 degrees and the minimum temperature is 12 degrees Celsius. The fog will remain light till 5-6 December. There is no possibility of seeing any significant change in the weather in the next 6-7 days.

Where will it rain, where will it snow

Snowfall and rain may be seen in many parts of the country during the next 24 hours. Moderate to heavy rain is likely over Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Tamil Nadu and parts of coastal Andhra Pradesh. There is a possibility of light to moderate rain in Kerala, Lakshadweep, Madhya Pradesh, parts of Vidarbha and Marathwada and Central Maharashtra. Not only this, there is a possibility of light rain in Bihar, Eastern UP and Western Himalayas and heavy snowfall in the upper areas of Western Himalayas. Let us tell you that at present there is a reduction in severe cold in North India. The reason for this is western disturbance.

How will the weather be in Uttar Pradesh?

Change in weather can also be seen in Uttar Pradesh. The state saw sun throughout the day on Friday. Here the mercury dropped to 7 degrees Celsius. Due to this, one has started feeling cold. Let us tell you that fog was seen on Saturday morning. It is expected that the temperature will drop further here. The maximum temperature here is likely to be between 21 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. Also, the state will remain cloudy on Saturday and light drizzle may also be seen in some districts.

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