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Horrific road accident in Uttarakhand, jeep fell into a deep ditch, 7 people died

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A horrific accident has been witnessed in Nainital, Uttarakhand. Here a jeep fell into a deep ditch. 7 people have died in this incident. Let us tell you that this accident happened on Chheerakhan-Reethasahib motor road. Let us inform that in this regard, the administration team has reached the spot and the work of removing the dead bodies is going on. Meanwhile, the operation to rescue the workers trapped in the Silkyara Tunnel of Uttarakhand is still going on. Let us tell you that these workers are stuck in the tunnel for the last 5 days. On Friday, a new and powerful auger machine was brought into the tunnel which has penetrated 21 meters of debris. In such a situation, it is expected that the workers will be taken out soon.

Jeep fell into ditch, 7 people died

Let us tell you that according to the information received from Uttarkashi District Emergency Operation Center located in Silkyara, till 6 am in the morning, drilling up to a distance of 21 meters has been done in the debris accumulated in the tunnel. This drilling is going on continuously. According to the information, 45-40 meters of debris is accumulated in the tunnel. The debris will be removed through drilling and people will be rescued. The plan is such that by making a path in the debris through drilling, several large pipes of 800 mm and 900 mm diameter will be inserted one after the other in such a way that an alternative tunnel is formed on the other side inside the debris, so that through this the debris can be brought into the debris. The trapped laborers should come out.

The accident also happened in Jammu and Kashmir

Let us tell you that earlier on Tuesday late night, the process of drilling in the debris was started with a small auger machine, but during this a landslide occurred. Due to landslide, the auger machine had to be stopped midway and it got damaged. Recently, news of a horrific bus accident came to light from Doda in Jammu and Kashmir. Here a bus full of passengers fell into a ditch. 36 people died in this accident and many people were seriously injured in this accident. Rescue operation is still going on to save these people.

(Report- Bhupenera)

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