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Salt removes negativity from home, use it like this

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remove negative energy with salt

Your home should be such that you feel recharged and energetic as soon as you reach there. It is important to create such an environment at home that makes you relax. May the joy of reaching home be in your mind and you can enjoy. However, there is a lot of negativity in the home environment of some people, due to which family disputes and problems start increasing. Cracks and distances start appearing in relationships. In such a situation, you can reduce negative energy from home by taking some measures. For this, definitely follow those salt remedies.

It is said in Vastu Shastra that salt absorbs negative energy from the house. Therefore, use salt to remove the negative energy spread in the house. Keeping a rock salt lamp in the house and wiping it with salt water removes negative energy. If there is any kind of Vaastu defect in the house then it can also be removed by the solution of salt.


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Remove negativity from home with salt

  1. While mopping the floor of your house, mix sea salt in water. Clean the entire house with this water. This will reduce negative energy. You should not do this remedy on Thursday.
  2. To remove negative energy from the house, keep a pink rock salt lamp lit in the house. These look very beautiful and remove negative energy.
  3. To remove negativity from home, keep sea salt filled in a glass vessel. Fill a glass bowl or glass with salt and keep it. By doing this, negativity will stay away from your home.
  4. To prevent negative energy from outside from entering the house, sprinkle rock salt on the main gate and wipe it with water. By doing this, negativity does not enter the house and the atmosphere of the house remains good.
  5. If there is any kind of Vaastu defect in your bathroom, then keep salt at that place. This can significantly reduce the negative consequences. Fighting and discord can be avoided.

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