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Impact of election results visible, PM Modi was given a grand welcome in this style

Image Source : SANSAD TV
​Parliament Winter Session

The winter session of Parliament has started on Monday. This session of Parliament is also special because it started the very next day after the results of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Telangana assembly elections. Let us tell you that except Telangana, BJP has got a landslide victory in all the other state elections. Now after this victory, PM Modi has been given a grand welcome in the Parliament House.

Modi government again and again

The effect of the results of the assembly elections held yesterday was also visible in the winter session of Parliament. As soon as Prime Minister Modi, who led the BJP in the elections, entered the Parliament House, BJP leaders raised slogans for him. BJP leaders were seen standing and raising slogans of Modi government again and again and Modi government for the third time. During this, PM Modi also appeared happy.

There is no wave against the government- PM Modi

Before the beginning of the session, PM Modi said that there is no wave against the government in the country. If there are works in public interest then there is no anti-incumbency. He said that very encouraging results have come. Every caste, every society, BJP has got support from all sections. PM Modi said that the country has rejected negativity. He said that whatever bills are presented in the House, there should be a good discussion on them. It is expected that all the MPs will present their views during the discussion.

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