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Mayawati called the election result a ‘strange result’, said – difficult to swallow

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Mayawati called the election result a ‘strange result’.

Lucknow: Assembly elections have been completed in five states of the country. Results of four of these states have also been declared, while counting of votes is going on today in one state, Mizoram. Of the four states whose results have been declared, the Bharatiya Janata Party has won three states with majority. In such a situation, Bahujan Samaj Party President Mayawati said about this victory of BJP that this strange result is very difficult to swallow. He has also appealed to the BSP workers to start preparing for the Lok Sabha elections. He has also given information about the BSP meeting to be held in Lucknow on 10th December. Upcoming plans will be discussed in this meeting.

Election results being one-sided is a mysterious matter.

While tweeting, Mayawati wrote that it is natural for everyone to be doubtful, surprised and worried as the results of the recently held general elections in four states of the country were one-sided in favor of one party. Because considering the entire atmosphere of the elections, it is very difficult for people to swallow such a strange result. He further wrote that during the entire election, the atmosphere was completely different and interesting like a close fight, but the election result being completely different from it and being completely one-sided, is such a mysterious matter which requires serious thinking and its solution. A terrible ‘mistake’ in sensing people’s pulse, a new topic of election discussion.

Fresh preparations for Lok Sabha elections

Mayawati wrote on Twitter that all the people of BSP fought this election with full body, mind, money and strength, which brought new life to the atmosphere. But they should not be disappointed by such strange results, rather they should keep trying to move forward by taking inspiration from the life struggles of the most revered Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. He further wrote that in the context of this election result, the All India meeting of the party will be convened in Lucknow on 10th December to discuss the ground report and fresh preparations for the Lok Sabha elections. The Ambedkarite movement will never lose courage to move forward without being disturbed by the election results.

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