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Not just Delhi, fog blankets entire North India, NASA releases pictures

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Smog blankets entire North India.

New Delhi: NASA has recently shared a surprising photo, in which a heavy blanket of fog can be seen in the northern part of India. In this photo released by NASA, it can be clearly seen that the blanket of smog extends not only from Delhi but from Pakistan to Bangladesh i.e. the entire border of North India. If we talk about Delhi, it has become difficult for common people to even breathe.

photo of november 2023

Despite fewer fires than usual in northern India, NASA satellites have detected haze in the region in November 2023, NASA says. NASA further wrote that poor air quality is caused by smoke and urban pollution seasonally, which coincides with weather patterns that trap pollution near the ground. Let us tell you that before Diwali, there was relief from pollution due to light drizzle in Delhi and surrounding areas. But once again the level of pollution has started increasing.

The air became bad again after Diwali

After Diwali, pollution levels have started increasing again in Delhi-NCR. At present the air of Delhi has come in the bad category. According to the Central Pollution Control Board, the air quality level in Delhi-NCR remained above 400 till 5 am on Thursday. Here AQI has been recorded at 387 in Anand Vihar, 416 in RK Puram, 423 in Punjabi Bagh, 344 in ITO. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of change in the weather of Delhi-NCR in the next few days.

Delhi is the most polluted city in the world

CPCB said that Delhi’s air has become the most polluted in the country these days. On Wednesday, Delhi’s AQI was 220, which indicates ‘poor’ category. AQI 279 was recorded on Tuesday. Let us tell you that between November 3 and 9, AQI remained more than 400 for 6 days. This indicates ‘serious’ and ‘dangerous’ category. Let us tell you that if we look at the list of most polluted cities around the world, Delhi comes at the top in it. Three cities of the country, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai are included in it.

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