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A woman took off her pants and started talking strangely in front of people in a flying plane, see the scene

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Woman opening her pants in flight.

Passengers are shocked by a strange incident that happened in a plane while flying from Florida to Philadelphia in America. A female co-passenger in the plane suddenly took off her pants in front of everyone. When the woman opened her pants the plane was flying in mid-air. The woman came half naked and stood in front of the people. This caused a stir in the plane. Seeing such an astonishing sight, even the passengers were stunned. As soon as the incident was known, there was panic among the crew members and air hostesses. The flight staff immediately reached out to console the woman and started requesting her to wear her pants. But the woman stood with her pants open for a long time.

The incident happened earlier this week on Monday on a Frontier Airlines flight. A woman took off her pants in the air and threatened to urinate in the aisle. This flight going from Florida to Philadelphia was packed with passengers. During the flight, the woman was completely naked from the waist down. Seeing this scene, other passengers were shocked and frightened. According to The New York Post, the woman threatened to relieve herself in the aisle after the flight attendant told her she could not use the washroom at that time.

Woman starts urinating in the corridor after taking off her pants

After opening her pants, the woman said to the people- Sorry and then she sat down to urinate in the corridor. He is heard doing and saying all this in the viral video. Suddenly she pulled down her pants and sat in the corridor. Seeing the woman doing such a thing, other passengers protested loudly. Then the woman shouted: “I don’t mind—!” and “I have to go pee.” However, in the end, he did not follow through on his threat. She stood up and wore her clothes again. He then proceeded to ask the flight attendant to let him use the washroom.

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