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PM Modi said before the budget session – ‘Some people tear apart democratic values’ – India TV Hindi

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PM Modi’s address before the budget session.

The budget session of Parliament has started from 31 January 2024. Before the budget session, PM Modi addressed the media and targeted the opposition parties a lot. Referring to the ruckus created by the MPs of opposition parties in the past sessions, PM Modi targeted them. The PM even said that such people tear apart democratic values ​​and creating ruckus has become their nature. Let us know what PM Modi has said in his address.

Criticism from opposition MPs

PM Modi criticized those opposition MPs who habitually disrupt the proceedings of the House. The PM said that in the last 10 years, everyone did their work in the Parliament in whatever way was suggested to them. Those who have become habituated to creating ruckus. All such MPs, who habitually tear apart democratic values, should introspect what they have done in the last 10 years. The PM has said that if such MPs ask 100 people in their parliamentary constituency, no one will remember them. No one may even know the name…but a large section of people who have benefited the Parliament with good ideas in the House, would still remember and appreciate them.

We will bring full budget after elections- PM Modi

In his address, the PM said that when the election time is near, the full budget is not kept, we will also follow the same tradition and bring the full budget after the formation of the new government. This time, the country’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is going to present the budget in front of all of us tomorrow with guidelines. I believe that the country is constantly moving forward, crossing new heights of progress.

The journey will continue with the blessings of the people

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said before the budget session on Wednesday that our country is touching new heights of progress. The PM stressed that its journey of “inclusive and all-round” development will continue with the blessings of the people. He said that the country is experiencing all-round and inclusive development.

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