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Rajat Sharma’s Blog | ED in action: Opposition alliance disintegrated – India TV Hindi

Image Source : INDIA TV
Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV.

Currently, the Enforcement Directorate is in vigorous action in many states of the country. The ED team kept waiting for him throughout the day on Monday at Hemant Soren’s house in Delhi. Hemant Soren had come to Delhi in a chartered plane and was to return to Ranchi by the same plane in the evening. But the Chief Minister disappeared mysteriously. He was neither in Ranchi nor found in Delhi. ED was informed by email from the Chief Minister’s office that the Chief Minister will appear for questioning in Ranchi on January 31. But on Tuesday, Hemant Soren made a sudden appearance in Ranchi, and held a meeting with his MLAs, in which his wife Kalpana Soren and brother Basant Soren were present. On the other hand, on Monday Lalu Yadav reached ED office in Patna. He was interrogated for about 10 hours regarding the land-in-lieu-of-job scam. At the time of interrogation, food and medicines were sent to Lalu Yadav because his health is not good after kidney transplant. Here in Delhi, former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda was questioned regarding the Manesar land deal. In Mumbai, Uddhav Thackeray’s Shiv Sena MLA and former minister Ravindra Vaikar was questioned in the land scam. ED has sent summons to former BJP MLA Arvind Khanna in Punjab for questioning in the money laundering case, but the most talked about thing was the disappearance of Hemant Soren and the appearance of Lalu Yadav. Hemant Soren’s party has alleged that ED is making allegations and asking questions about those lands which are government lands and cannot be sold. Apart from this, the house about which questions are being asked is in the name of Hemant Soren’s wife, complete details of which are publicly available, hence ED’s action is politically motivated, an attempt was made to harass the leaders of the opposition parties. Is going. When Lalu was interrogated, his daughter Misa Bharti made the same allegation. Said, this is all a conspiracy of BJP. To prevent opposition leaders from campaigning, efforts are being made to keep them busy through ED. Lalu’s second daughter Rohini Acharya said that her father is not well and if anything happens to him, no one will be worse than him. Overall, due to ED’s action, there is panic among the leaders of the opposition parties, but the most surprising attitude was that of Hemant Soren.

The ED team has sent a total of ten summons to Hemant Soren. He agreed to be interrogated after the eighth summons. The ED team went to his house in Ranchi and interrogated him. After this he was again asked to appear on 27th January. When Hemant Soren did not appear, the tenth summons was sent. Asked to appear between 29th and 31st. ED had also said that if Hemant Soren did not arrive then the ED team itself would come to interrogate him. Hemant Soren knows that this time the ED team will not wait for January 31. So he came to Delhi and disappeared. The ED team kept searching the houses but Hemant Soren was not found. Hemant Soren has understood that he may be arrested and the case is such that if he is arrested, he will not get bail and the government will also go. That is why Hemant Soren suddenly disappeared. However, this is just one case. Investigation is going on in many other cases against Hemant Soren. Lokayukta has sought answers from Hemant Soren regarding his 82 properties. Since Hemant Soren is still avoiding answering in this matter, the Lokayukta has given him 15 days’ time and clearly said that this is the last chance. If the reply is not given within 15 days then Lokayukta will take action against them. People of Hemant Soren’s party will say that all this is happening in view of the elections. Efforts are being made to harass him but saying all this will not work, he will have to answer, Hemant Soren should learn from Lalu Yadav in this matter. ED called Lalu and Lalu reached. In the job-for-land scam case, Lalu Yadav reached the ED office at 11 in the morning and came out after about 10 hours at night. This case is from the time when Lalu Yadav was the Railway Minister. The allegation is that during Lalu’s tenure, in exchange for fourth class appointments in Railways, the lands of the candidates were given in the name of Lalu Yadav and his family as bribes. Apart from Lalu, Rabri Devi, Misa Bharti and Tejashwi Yadav are also accused in this case. Tejashwi was interrogated on Tuesday, after which Rabri Devi and her daughters will be interrogated.

It is true that Lalu Yadav’s health is not supporting him, he has been ill for a long time, hence people’s sympathy is with Lalu Yadav. But the investigating agencies have their own compulsions. The charge sheet has been filed in the court and if the case has to be strengthened and taken to conclusion, then interrogation will have to be done. But I think that if Lalu can be interrogated at his home or if he can be interrogated in one go instead of calling him again and again, it would be better. Lalu Yadav has cooperated in the investigation so far and has appeared in the court repeatedly. Whenever ED called, he has gone, it should be kept in mind, but on one hand Lalu is being interrogated and on the other hand Nitish Babu’s new government has started working in Bihar. The posters put up in Patna changed. The posters and banners with pictures of Tejashwi and Nitish Kumar were put up in front of the Chief Minister’s residence. Tejashwi’s photo was hidden by pasting newspaper on it. Posters of Nitish Kumar along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi were put up at many places.

Speaker Avadh Bihari Chaudhary is an MLA of RJD and is close to Lalu, hence the first task will be to make someone else the speaker in place of Avadh Bihari. BJP has given notice of no-confidence motion against the speaker. Because of what Nitish Kumar did in Bihar, the leaders of opposition parties are still groaning with the pain of this wound. Since Rahul Gandhi’s Nyay Yatra reached Bihar on Monday itself, the pain is deeper in the minds of Congress leaders. Since Sunday, I have been watching the statements of big political experts. Nitish Kumar has confused everyone. Sharad Pawar, Mallikarjun Kharge, Lalu Yadav all consider themselves to be smart and cunning players in the world of politics. But Nitish Babu made such a comeback that it left everyone stunned. Lalu kept calling Nitish till the last day, he did not even realize when Nitish pulled the chair from under his son. BJP leader Samrat Chaudhary was also baffled as to when and how Nitish Kumar became their leader. Sharad Pawar was engaged in the campaign to make Nitish the convenor of Indi Alliance, but Nitish Kumar disintegrated the entire alliance. Only the reporters of Patna had the correct information about what miracle Nitish Kumar was going to do. I will praise these journalists who counted the wings of the flying bird. The media soldiers were proved right and the political experts were left stunned. Now these people should stop saying that TV channels show news from here and there. From Lalan Singh to Nitish Kumar, every news of the reporters of Bihar proved to be correct on every issue. (Rajat Sharma)

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