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Uttarkashi Tunnel Accident: Board games and cards will be sent to relieve the stress of workers

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Board games and cards will be sent to relieve the stress of the workers.

Uttarkashi: 41 workers are stranded in the under construction Silkyara Tunnel in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand for 12 days. To relieve the stress of these workers, the rescue team has planned to provide them board games and cards. The officers provided this information. Let us tell you that at present a campaign is being run to evacuate the workers. There are many obstacles being faced in the rescue operation. Late Thursday night, the work of laying pipes through the tunnel debris had to be stopped because drilling was stopped after cracks appeared in the platform on which the drilling machine rests. The drilling work could not start even on Friday morning.

Making plans to relieve stress

Psychiatrist Dr. Rohit Gondwal, who was present at the rescue site, said that we are planning to provide them Ludo, chess and cards to relieve their stress. He said that the campaign is getting delayed and it seems that it will take some more time. All 41 workers are fine, but they need to remain healthy and mentally well. Gondwal said that they told us that they play thief-police. To relieve stress, do yoga and exercise daily.

obstruction in rescue operation

On the mental health of these workers, another medical expert said that their morale should remain high and they should be kept hopeful. A team of doctors talks to the workers daily and inquires about their health and mental condition. The latest disruption came hours after rescue operations had resumed earlier in the day following a six-hour delay in cutting an iron girder that had come in the way of the auger machine late on Wednesday night. This is the third time that drilling work has been stopped since rescue operations by multiple agencies began on November 12 after a part of the tunnel under construction in Uttarakhand’s Char Dham route collapsed.

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Officials said rescue workers managed to penetrate 48 meters of debris. However, a path of 10 meters remains to be covered to rescue the trapped workers. A team of a dozen doctors, including physicians and psychiatrists from Uttarkashi and Dehradun, is present at the spot. Officials said team members regularly talk to the stranded workers for at least 30 minutes in the morning and for the same amount of time in the evening.

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