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What did INDIA TV Editor in Chief Rajat Sharma say on the results of the assembly elections?

Image Source : INDIA TV
Rajat Sharma, Editor in Chief of INDIA TV

New Delhi: India TV’s Editor in Chief Rajat Sharma spoke openly on the results of the assembly elections of 4 states. India TV correspondent Amit Palit asked Rajat Sharma how such accuracy was achieved regarding the elections. On this Rajat Sharma said, ‘These things are understood through experience. I have been watching elections for 40 years. Leaders have been seen campaigning while coming and going. The first lesson is that one should never buy sweets after looking at exit polls.

Rajat Sharma said, ‘Our country is very big, the states are also very big, we think that in America, Britain etc. the results are correct but this cannot happen here, it does not happen. Understanding works more in this.

On the accuracy of the election results, Rajat Sharma said, ‘I think what is the pulse of the public? What do people think? Why would you vote against someone? Why would you vote in support of someone? For example, a thing was spread about Shivraj Singh Chouhan that people are excited to see his face. He has been the Chief Minister for 18 years, now someone else should look after him.

Rajat Sharma said, ‘I thought in my mind, have people really grown up? Why are they rising? Are people angry with Shivraj Singh? If they are angry then how come so many crowds come to their rally? How is so much enthusiasm visible in people? Even if you don’t like the face, what is the alternative face? Kamal Nath? He is not that attractive. There is an idea that Shivraj is working hard day and night.

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