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When the house was not built, a young man climbed the high voltage tower, said – ‘I want to meet the CM’ – India TV Hindi

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Kerala: Youth climbed high voltage tower when house was not built

Kottayam: A man climbed a ‘high voltage tower’ in a village in Kottayam district in Kerala on Thursday morning, demanding a home for his family and a meeting with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Suresh Gopi. According to local people, the man climbed the tower near Kattachira at 6 am and refused to come down even after efforts by police, fire brigade personnel and panchayat officials.

This dramatic incident continued for hours

After this this dramatic incident continued for hours. An official of the Kerala State Electricity Board said that the power supply in this line was stopped at 9.30 in the morning. When they tried to climb the 80-foot tower to rescue him, the man threatened to climb higher, a fire official said. “So, we came down,” he said, adding that the Erattupetta resident finally came down from the tower around 12 noon when panchayat officials assured him that his demand for a house would be addressed.

If he doesn’t agree now, he will commit suicide.

After that the police took him into custody. After coming down, he said that he had come down trusting the officers and if his demands were not met then next time he would poison his wife and children and then commit suicide. “I climbed the tower with the intention of dying,” he said. I had no other option. I saw no reason to stay alive. I wanted to meet the Chief Minister.

A house will be built for this person by March – Officer

Panchayat officials said that they will ensure that a house is built for this person by March this year. “We will try to ensure that by then some temporary accommodation is arranged for him and his family,” he said. Police said the man was later sent home with his mother.

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