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After eating, one should eat jaggery and not sweets or chocolate, knowing its benefits will feed it to children also.

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Benefits of eating jaggery after meals

Even today, grandmothers like to eat jaggery as a sweet after having food. But nowadays people neither like to eat jaggery themselves nor feed it to their children. Many sweets, cookies and chocolates are available in the market which people eat to satisfy their cravings for sweets. But eating these things causes many harms to the body, far from being beneficial. In such a situation, it is important that you advise children to eat jaggery after meals or as sweets on the advice of elders. Eating jaggery is very beneficial especially in winter. Eating jaggery removes iron deficiency in the body. This improves digestion and keeps the body warm.

Why do we eat jaggery after eating?

You can eat jaggery at any time, but eating jaggery after meals strengthens the digestive system. This makes it easier to digest food. Iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin C are also found in jaggery. Eating jaggery after meals keeps the stomach healthy and the face starts glowing. Everyone, from children to the elderly, must eat jaggery after meals.

Benefits of eating jaggery in winter

  1. Help in digestion- Eating jaggery after meals strengthens digestion. People who suffer from gas, indigestion and indigestion should eat jaggery after meals daily. Such nutrients are found in jaggery which help in digesting food. Jaggery is a good option to reduce the craving for sweets after meals.
  2. Remove blood deficiency- Jaggery is considered a good source of iron. If there is lack of blood in the body then one must eat jaggery daily. Eating jaggery increases red blood cells. Jaggery can be eaten if hemoglobin in the body is low. Eat jaggery to keep the body active and get instant energy.
  3. Bones will become stronger- If you consume jaggery every day after meals, then the calcium deficiency in the body can be compensated. Calcium makes bones strong. Feeding jaggery to children strengthens bones and muscles.
  4. Reduce obesity- Jaggery contains potassium which speeds up metabolism. Eating jaggery also helps in weight loss. If you eat jaggery after eating, you do not feel hungry for a long time. Jaggery is much better than sugar for weight loss.
  5. Increase immunity- Eating jaggery daily strengthens immunity. Jaggery contains zinc and vitamin C which increases immunity. The immune system remains strong and the body remains free from diseases. Eating jaggery in winter brings warmth to the body and provides relief from cold and cough.

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