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Bunch of hair gets broken in hand, do conditioning with these things once a week – India TV Hindi

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Nowadays hair fall is common. Every second person is troubled by hair fall. This problem increases due to frizzy and rough hair. People whose hair gets tangled more have more hair fall. There can be many reasons behind hair breakage. If you do not take proper care, do not comb your hair properly and do not pay attention to washing and applying oil on time, then your hair can get damaged. Oil is considered most important for hair. This causes deep conditioning of the hair. People who do not apply oil, their hair starts breaking like flakes while combing it. This happens due to lack of conditioning. Due to lack of moisture in hair and lack of deep conditioning, hair fall increases rapidly. In such a situation, do deep conditioning of your hair using these 4 things.

  1. coconut oil- Coconut oil is considered to be the cheapest and best oil for hair. It contains many elements, which prove to be very beneficial for hair. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which nourishes the hair. Due to this the hair does not become frizzy and becomes soft. Coconut oil is rich in vitamins and fat, which makes hair glossy. This reduces dandruff and stops hair fall.

  2. Olive oil- Use olive oil for deep conditioning of hair. Hair can be made soft and shiny by applying olive oil. This removes problems like dandruff and frizzy hair. By applying olive oil, hair becomes silky and hair fall automatically reduces.

  3. Mayonnaise- Mayonnaise can also be used for hair. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are found in mayonnaise which makes the scalp healthy. Mayonnaise contains good amount of fatty acids and protein which helps in good hair growth. Mayonnaise can be used for deep conditioning of hair. This will reduce dandruff, hair fall and breakage.

  4. Honey- Honey is tasty and healthy to eat and is also good for hair. Honey contains a lot of protein, which makes hair strong. By applying honey the hair becomes very soft. By applying honey on hair, hair breakage and fall can be reduced. Hair can be conditioned with this.

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