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Jamnagar of Gujarat resides in the heart of the Ambani family, you too should plan to visit – India TV Hindi

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The Ambani family has deep ties with Jamnagar. Anant Ambani had recently said in an interview that his grandmother Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani was born in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Dhirubhai Ambani and Mukesh Ambani also started their business from Jamnagar. Mukesh Ambani has an oil refinery in Jamnagar which has become the world’s largest petroleum refinery. This is the reason why the Ambani family starts any auspicious work from Jamnagar only. Jamnagar, located in Gujarat, is a beautiful city situated on the Kutch Valley. If you are going to Gujarat then you can plan to visit Jamnagar. Let us know what is there to visit in Jamnagar and which tourist places are present here?

Most beautiful place to visit in Jamnagar

  1. Pratap Vilas Palace- Pratap Vilas Palace is present near the railway station in Jamnagar. It was built by Jam Ranjit Singh between 1907 and 1915. This palace is inspired by European architecture. The glass domes built in the palace are the main center of attraction for tourists. Apart from this, the carvings done in the entire palace are worth seeing.

  2. Ranmal Lake- Located in the middle of the city, this lake is also known by the name of Lakhota Lake. This lake was built by Raja Jam Ranmal II in the 19th century. Now it has become a wonderful tourist place for tourists and people of Jamnagar. Sitting here and watching the birds will really give you relaxation.

  3. Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary- This bird century is in Khijadiya village near Jamnagar. In this Bird Sanctuary you can see beautiful birds and many animals roaming around. However, to visit the Bird Sanctuary, you have to take permission from the forest office and can visit here only till 5 pm.

  4. Marine National Park- Narara Marine National Park is located about 56 kilometers from Jamnagar, which is a marine wildlife sanctuary in the Gulf of Kutch. This is India’s first National Marine Garden where you cannot enter without permission.

  5. Swami Nayaran Temple- BAPS Swami Narayan Temple is also present in Jamnagar. This temple is quite famous and a large number of tourists also come here. Apart from Lord Swami Narayan, idols of Shiva, Parvati and many other gods are also installed here.

This hill station is just 334 kilometers away from Delhi, is famous for adventure from paragliding to kayaking.

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