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Pakistan did not accept this suggestion of America, said – will not bow before the orders of any outside country – India TV Hindi

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Washington: Pakistan has shown a tough attitude against America after a long time. Pakistan refused to accept a suggestion from America saying that we will not bow down to the orders of any outside country. Let us tell you that serious allegations of rigging in the general elections held in Pakistan on February 8 were made by former Pakistan PM Imran Khan. America had suggested Pakistan to investigate these irregularities. But Pakistan rejected America’s suggestion and said that it will not bow to the orders of any foreign country.

Pakistani Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said in her weekly press address on Friday, “No country can give instructions to Pakistan, an independent and sovereign country.” Dawn News quoted Baloch as saying, “We We believe in our sovereign right to decide on the internal affairs of Pakistan.” Baloch made the statement in response to his US counterpart’s comments regarding allegations of malpractice in the controversy-ridden general election.

America had demanded a transparent investigation

Earlier this week, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller had said that any claims of interference or fraud should be “fully and transparently investigated in accordance with Pakistani law and procedures.” , “With respect to the investigations into alleged irregularities, we would like to see those investigations move forward and conclude as soon as possible.” The comments came amid allegations that jailed former Prime Minister Imran Khan tampered with the election results. Have complained. The election results were announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan after unprecedented delays. (Language)

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