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Make churma with leftover roti from night, breakfast will be ready in 10 minutes.

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basi roti churma

Healthy breakfast: Often after making roti at night, there is leftover in the morning. In such a situation you can use this roti. With this you can cook and eat various things. In winter there is no need to worry that it will get damaged. So, just with the leftover roti on winter mornings, you can try this recipe in which you do not have to do much just make churma. The recipe for making churma is very easy, after knowing it, follow it quickly and your churma will be ready.

How to make churma of stale roti-basi roti ka churma recipe

To make churma of stale roti, firstly you can follow two recipes to make the roti. One sweet and the other spicy. One with jaggery and the other with vegetables.

1. Sweet Churma

To make sweet churma of stale roti, first heat a pan and add ghee in it. Then break stale bread and fry it. Then take it out and add some more ghee. Then add some more jaggery in it and let it form jaggery syrup. Then put stale roti in it and grind dry fruits and cardamom powder on top and mix. Then eat this churma.

gud ka churma

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gud ka churma

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2. Spicy Churma

To make this, boil hot water and add finely chopped vegetables to it and cook. Add all the spices little by little and add salt. Then break the bread and put it in it. Now let it cook and add some coriander leaves to it. Bring to a boil and then let it cook completely. After this add ghee to it and let it dry a little. When it starts looking like churma, turn off the gas and eat it.

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