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Make gram flour paneer cheela rich in protein and vitamins, even children will like the taste – India TV Hindi

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Besan Paneer Cheela

Cheela is definitely included in Indian breakfast. Cheela made from gram flour is much healthier than it looks tasty. Everyone has their own different way of making cheela. Some make cheela by mixing vegetables in gram flour and some make cheela by stuffing vegetables. However, children like vegetables very little. In such a situation, you can make paneer cheela for children. Children get plenty of protein and vitamins from cheese. This is a good way to include cheese in children’s diet. Cheela made in this way tastes very tasty. Know how to make gram flour and cheese cheela?

Recipe to make Besan Paneer Cheela

  1. To make gram flour and paneer cheela, first grate the paneer or mash it with hands.

  2. Now add some finely chopped onion, ginger garlic, chopped coriander and green chilli to the paneer.

  3. If you want to eat, you can add salt, some garam masala and some chilli to the spices.

  4. You can also prepare it by mixing some chaat masala in it.

  5. Now make gram flour batter. Keep in mind that to make cheela, you have to prepare neither very thin nor very thick batter.

  6. Mix some cumin, salt and some celery in this solution and stir.

  7. Take a pan or any big and heavy tawa, first apply oil on it and let it heat.

  8. Now fill the batter in a big spoon and spread it. You should not make the cheela too thick or thin, keep it of medium size only.

  9. After the cheela is cooked on one side, turn it over and then spread the cheese stuffing on top while it is cooking on the other side.

  10. When the cheela is almost cooked from the bottom, fold it.

  11. Tasty cheela made with paneer and gram flour is ready. Eat it with sauce or green chutney.

  12. Sauce can be applied only at the time of stuffing paneer in children’s cheela.

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