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Woman not marrying man, will fill the gap of husband with the help of AI – India TV Hindi

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This woman is not marrying the man

Spain News: Technology is changing rapidly in the world. Technology is for convenience, but if it becomes an alternative to our life and life partner, it is natural to be surprised. Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI has now become so dominant over people that people have started thinking of marrying AI as well. One such case has come to light. You may find it strange to know, but it is a fact that a woman from Spain who is an artist is not going to marry any human being, i.e. a man. She has trusted AI instead of man.

The future of weddings will change!

This female artist from Spain is going to marry an AI hologram. If she marries an AI hologram, it will happen for the first time in the world. The future husband of this woman named Alicia Framis is a digital product created with holographic technology and machine learning. In this way, Framis is going to become the first woman who will marry a digital thing made from AI. This is being shown as a glimpse of future relationships and weddings. In fact, Framis is already booking the wedding venue. She is also designing her wedding dress. The name of her future husband is Ailex, which has been created with the help of profiles of her old colleagues.

Framis’s wedding un romantic

On one hand, in the world of technology, everything from OTT to Gmail has become personalized, there is also a growing possibility that people are preferring the possibility of making their own partner from the beginning instead of building rapport with real humans. Framis’s marriage is not romantic. Her partner is part of a new project, Hybrid Couple, through which she wants to experiment with love and intimacy.

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