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…So this is the secret of Mohammed Shami’s fitness!

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Mohammed Shami Workout Routine

The New Zealand vs India match at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Wednesday was worth watching. Yesterday, the Indian team played the semi-final match against New Zealand like lions. Mohammed Shami has bowled amazingly in this year’s World Cup. Mohammed Shami was at his best in yesterday’s match against New Zealand also. Once Shami started taking wickets, there was no stopping him. Yesterday Shami took 7 wickets for 57 runs for New Zealand. A fast bowler always has to remain fit, hence the credit for this incredible innings of Mohammed Shami goes to his training, fitness and strict diet. Let us tell you what Mohammed Shami does to maintain his fitness.

Shami has struggled with obesity and depression

The path to success was not so easy for Shami. After struggling with family issues, he went into depression several times and his condition became such that his weight increased a lot, while Shami was not included in the team even in the T20 World Cup. In such a situation, the biggest question was whether he would be given a chance in the World Cup 2023. But Shami made a wonderful comeback and the entire credit for this goes to his fitness.

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Believe in local training

Shami does home training to keep himself fit. But he has also made changes in his training as per his need and to maintain his fitness. Shami also does weight training in the gym, so that his muscles become stronger and his strength increases. Along with this, he also does cardio and high intensity work out to increase stamina. To strengthen the muscles of the legs, lower back exercises are done.

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Follow intermittent fasting

Talking about diet, Shami likes to eat desi food. He keeps distance from junk and fast food. Actually Shami does intermittent fasting. This is a diet in which fasting is done in a different way. By following this diet, your weight will not only reduce but your body will also become flexible. Shami loves to eat biryani but he does not eat it due to his fitness.

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