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Your hair will turn black with kajal! Just include these vegetables in your diet, know the recipe

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noni ka saag in hindi

Nowadays hair problems have increased. Due to poor lifestyle and diet, hair is turning gray rapidly. Apart from this, it promotes blood circulation in the scalp and then supplies nutrition to the roots. This improves the complexion of the hair and makes the hair grow longer. In such a situation, Noni greens can work effectively for graying hair. Noni contains good amount of iron which is helpful in blackening the hair and improving its complexion. Apart from this, the protein of this greens is helpful in increasing hair growth. So, let us know how to make Noni Ka Saag.

How to make Noni saag – Noni ka saag recipe

To make Noni Saag, wash Noni Saag and keep it aside. Then cut it and make it. So, to make saag, chop onion, garlic, chilli and ginger. Then add mustard oil in the pan. Add mustard seeds in it. After this add onion, garlic, chilli and ginger and cook. Turn the greens into it and add salt and cook. When the greens start cooking, add a little gram flour to it and then add ghee. Cook everything and then eat it thoroughly.

noni ka saag for hair care

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noni ka saag for hair care

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Benefits of eating Noni saag – Noni ka saag benefits

1. High in Iron

Nani ka saag is rich in iron which reduces hair fall and nourishes the hair from within. It blackens the hair from inside and improves its complexion. In this way it is beneficial for hair.

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2. Rich in high protein

Noni greens are rich in high protein and provide nourishment to the hair. It increases hair growth and improves its complexion. Apart from this, it makes the scalp healthy and is helpful in preventing problems like dandruff. So, to darken your hair and make it healthy, you can consume this greens rich in high protein.

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