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These 5 types of laddus are more effective than medicine in severe cold, pain and disease disappear

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Make sure to make hot things a part of your diet in winter. In winter, one should especially consume such things which keep the body warm and ward off diseases. You can make many types of laddus to eat in winter. Eating these will strengthen immunity and bring warmth to the body. In winter, you can make laddus of sesame, flaxseed, fenugreek, gum and dry ginger and eat them. These laddus will provide relief from joint pain and other problems. The special thing is that you can make these laddus and store them for a month. Let us know which laddus should be eaten in winter?

Prepare and eat these 5 types of laddus in winter (Winter Laddu For Heat Immunity)

  1. Sesame laddu- In winter, these laddus made from sesame seeds, jaggery and ghee are very tasty to eat. These laddus are hot in nature due to which the effect of cold can be reduced. Sesame and jaggery give plenty of energy in winter. Eating sesame laddus can provide relief from depression and tension. Sesame helps in detoxifying the lungs and body. Eating this provides calcium which relieves bone pain. These laddus work to increase blood in the body and provide relief from gas and constipation.
  2. gum laddu- If you want to avoid cold and cough then eat one gum laddu daily. Eating this laddu in winter season relieves joint pain. These laddus are fed to women after pregnancy. Eating these laddus with hot milk before sleeping at night strengthens the bones.
  3. Fenugreek laddu- As soon as the cold comes, grandmother and grandfather start making fenugreek laddus at home. Fenugreek laddus are eaten extensively in winters. Fenugreek seeds contain anti-oxidants which protect against flu and cold. Jaggery, ghee and fenugreek seeds are added to it. All these three things are beneficial in winter. Eating fenugreek reduces joint pain and swelling. Fenugreek improves kidney function. It is advisable to eat fenugreek to keep the body warm and relieve joint pain.
  4. Dry ginger laddu- Eating dry ginger laddus keeps the body warm in winter. Eating dry ginger strengthens immunity. Eating dry ginger laddu can sometimes reduce chest pain. Dry ginger laddus have anti-inflammatory properties, which keep away seasonal diseases, cold and flu.
  5. Linseed Laddus- If you want to take care of heart health in winter, then definitely include flaxseed laddus in your diet. By eating flaxseed laddus, the body gets Omega 3 fatty acids. Flaxseed laddus keep the body warm and eating it strengthens immunity. Flaxseed is very beneficial for hair, skin and body.

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