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4 children burnt alive in house fire in America, 19 year old sister jumped from second floor to save her life

Image Source: AP
House fire in America (symbolic)

In a heart-wrenching fire incident in America, 4 children have been burnt to death. It is being told that this accident occurred due to a fire in a house in Northern Connecticut, America on Tuesday night. During this period, four children in the house died due to scorching. His 19-year-old sister jumped down from the second floor window to save her life. Firefighters had to put in a lot of effort for the rescue work. The officers provided this information. Local fire officer John Roche said that the fire was reported at around 10.30 pm and firefighters reached the spot within five minutes.

The children who died in the incident in the city of Somers ranged in age from five to 12 and lived in a shared house with their mother and three other siblings, firefighters and local officials said. Town First Selectman Tim Keeney said the children’s mother was not home at the time of the incident and her 19-year-old daughter, who was caring for her, jumped from a second-floor window to save her life. However, the cause of the fire has not been known. State and local authorities are investigating the matter.

Many pets also died in the fire accident

Police officer Pedro Muniz said the fire did not appear to have been set as part of a criminal conspiracy. Roche said that some pets of the house also died in this incident. He said that the 19-year-old daughter and her two siblings have escaped safely, one of them sustained serious injuries, while the other two sustained minor injuries. A firefighter also suffered burn injuries and was released from hospital after treatment, officials said. People living in other parts of the house are safe. Chief Medical Examiner James Gill said the children died from burns or suffocation. He did not reveal the names of the dead at this time. (AP)

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