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43 people died, many injured in massive fire in Dhaka building – India TV Hindi

Image Source : ANI
43 people died in massive fire in Dhaka building

A major accident was witnessed in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka late Thursday night. During this time, a massive fire broke out in a seven-storey building in the capital Dhaka. 43 people died due to burning in this fire and dozens were injured. Bangladesh Health Minister Samant Lal Sen, after visiting Dhaka Medical College Hospital and the nearby Burns Hospital, said that 43 people have died so far in the fire. According to the Health Minister, about 40 injured have been admitted to the main hospital of the city and are being treated. There may also be an increase in the number of deaths.

Fire broke out in Dhaka, 43 people died

Mohammad Shihab, an official of the fire brigade department, said that a massive fire broke out in a popular biryani restaurant on Bailey Road in Dhaka. This fire broke out at around 9.50 pm. After this, within no time the fire spread to the upper floors of the building. After this people got badly trapped in the building. He said that after receiving information about the incident, fire tenders were sent to the spot. Only after two hours the firefighters brought the fire under control. However, 43 people died in the fire and 75 people were evacuated safely from the building.

Bodies badly burnt, identification difficult

According to Health Minister Samant Lal, 33 people died at Dhaka’s Medical College Hospital, while 10 people died at Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery Hospital. Doctors say that many bodies are badly burnt and it is difficult to identify them. There is a possibility of the death toll increasing. Local people say that after the fire on the first building, people started running towards the upper floors out of fear. However, when the fire spread to the upper floors, people had no option to escape. In such a situation many people died. Later, the fire department vehicles took the people out safely using the stairs.

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