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After becoming ineligible for the post of President, Trump is now out of provincial elections also.

Image Source: AP
Donald Trump, former President of America.

Donald Trump, who is dreaming of becoming the President of America again in the year 2024, continues to face setback after setback. After being declared ineligible for the post of US President by the court, he has now been barred from the primary elections in the provincial elections. Before this, the dream of former President Donald Trump seems to be breaking and disintegrating. Let us tell you that the Democratic Secretary of Maine has excluded former President Donald Trump from the state’s primary election for the post of President, under the rebellion provision of the Constitution.

After this decision, Shenna Bellos has become the first election official to take such unilateral action. Meanwhile, the US Supreme Court is about to decide whether Trump will be eligible to contest the presidential election again. Before this decision of Democratic Party State Secretary Shenna Bellos, earlier this month, the Supreme Court of Colorado had excluded Trump from the election there under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. However, this decision is on hold until the US Supreme Court decides whether Trump can be deprived of the election under this Civil War-era provision.

Trump will also challenge Maine’s decision in court

Maine’s decision to bar Trump from participating in provincial elections will be challenged in court by Trump. The law under which Trump is prohibited from participating in the election, that provision prevents ‘a person involved in insurrection’ from holding any office. Trump’s election campaign has said it will challenge Bellos’ decision in Maine state court. Bellos has suspended his decision pending a decision by the court. Ultimately, there is a possibility that the country’s Supreme Court will decide whether Trump will be able to participate in the elections in Maine and other states. (AP)

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